Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm still here!

Well the weather has finally turned autumnal again and I think that I can finally put away my summer clothes yet again! I feel so grateful for the totally unseasonal sunny days we've been having but it's been a slight distraction to my bear making! Somehow I managed to finish one and there are two more on the back burner!

I have used my millinery skills to make a miniature felt hat for this little girlie and the dress is teeny tiny, made from pure silk and fastens with pearl beads. I had a lot of fun making this outfit! When I was learning pattern draughting at college I never envisaged making hats and dresses for bears! She's 4 3/4" and I'm not sure what to call her yet, maybe Pippa, what do you think?? I'm going to finish the other two bears and put them all in my Etsy shop, now I'd better get back to stitching.

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